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As the result of a personal challenge, I entered into a place I had never captured before, and that is vegetation, trees, woods, forest. I always thought it was a very difficult task, but once I entered and partook of the Majesty, of the luring enchanting visuals of trees with their beauty, of their strength and their affirming energy, it became a natural outflow of the magnetism of this aspect of creation. The sound of silence became apparent through the movement of the leaves as the immovable, immense trunks displayed their solidity and majesty as custodians of myriads of branches with their captivating leaves. The enchanting effects of the scenes became everlasting. The entrance to what the Muir Woods call the Sanctuary was an evident confirmation of what Nature is and can become in the eyes of those whose eyes can See. For me, the experience was timeless and has openly expressed the Un-manifest through this brilliant effulgence of nature.