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Walking Into The Light


When we have the opportunity to really observe the earth, its colors, textures, formations and the way light enters through the small gaps in the ground, we can easily become mesmerized with the mysterious workings of Nature. It is difficult to imagine the delicate care involved in the crafting of such beauty as if created by the hands of a Master Artist molding and shaping in the most intricate and unusual ways. It becomes a metaphor of our lives as we understand that, through temporality and phenomena, there is an evolving and a discovering of the greater purposes for ourselves and our surroundings.

There is an Integration that is unfolding within all of nature and indeed all manifested life wherein the good, the true and the beautiful are arising in their resplendent wholeness . The processes of time with its manifold dualities, dichotomies and paradox continue through the ages to be a display of realities that shake and shape our inner and outer lives bringing an understanding and an awakening that allows this integration to find a place of acceptance in our being.

Once more, based on a concurrent thread, I return to the word Oneness, intending to articulate through the merging of nature and the female form, the energy of a life force that is continually present and active in and through the seen and unseen. The display of the color and beauty of nature allows and invites the viewer to again connect with Life through beauty, wonder and recognition of the Divine!