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Creative Energy

It's my desire to portray the beauty, strength and dynamism of Ocean waters as well as the different emotions that arise within us as we partake of this powerful caprice of of nature. The draw, magnetism and beauty that the different moods that waters exhibit becomes a visualization and an exemplification of peace, stillness, vastness, unlimitedness, joy, alegria, strength, power, impetus, persistence, inclemency and even wrath.

It is always a privilege to transcribe these emotions to a canvas print by integrating several images of the same moment/mood and ultimately becoming a silent communique to the observer. The variant expression of powerful ocean waves seem to parallel, in a particular way, the vast array of personal responses to the movements of energy taking place in our hearts. I trust in your understanding and openness to see beyond a natural wave to an encounter, an emotion that can provoke a multitude of responses in you even as it has produced within my heart.

Canvas Prints 8 feet long helps make the Statement!