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This set of images was inspired by my studies in the past few months, my life experience and the following words by Ken Wilber:
"There is a drive and force that is holding the Universe together. It's a sensual drive, a desire and capacity to create wider connections.It's the glue of the cosmos that creates unity, radiant super flowing abundance from the heart. A capacity for love and compassion. A binding drive of the Universe, of the Spirit to return to Spirit. This pull is Eros."

Shiva, a pure masculine presence, is in love with Shakti. Shakti is manifestation, all that arises, dancing luminosity, radiance bliss and joy and vast light of playful dancing moment to moment."

Essential Christianity refers to this picture as the interaction between the Bridegroom, Christ or Zoe Life and the Bride, the expression of that Life.

The Strength of these truths seems to be dissipated and obscured through conditioning, cultures, systems and the pressing demands of modernity. However, there is an emerging awakening underway that will breathe fresh life into this inner understanding, opening our hearts to a life yielded to passion and purpose.