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Even The Rocks Will Cry Out

There is a voice crying out in the wilderness... a Universal Voice. A Voice that has been relentlessly speaking through the ages, from within and without, continually declaring a message that goes beyond words and yet is clear to the heart, that has eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying. It's a voice that goes beyond duality, integrating and gathering all things unto Oneness. It's a Oneness that incorporates and absorbs duality and multiplicity at the same time. It's a divine paradox that is continually Present and thrusts us into a greater dimension of Life. This voice has spoken through the ages and is yet speaking through and from its vast array of forms.

While I was recognizing the greatness of Nature in its display and its diversity of shapes and forms I was able to listen that "Voice" that so gently continued to unveil the reality of Oneness where separation seems to dissipate and the recognition of the "ALL" becomes apparent. It was all coming together and gathering unto Life without fragmentation. Now the Rocks were speaking. The words came to me, "if these shall be silent, the stones will cry out!" The message was contained in stone formations.

I add the following quote:

"The most ancient rocks analyzed by microphysics and macro-physics, under the logic of interaction and complexity reveal that they are something more than mere physical -"chemical composition. They relate to the biosphere by virtue of their interactions with the atmosphere and hydrosphere in a passionate, never ending dance with climate and geological stress. An infinite number of atoms, subatomic elements and energy fields constitute their mass. The poet who allows himself to be seduced by the majesty of mountains creates an inspired poem. He becomes part of the "mountain-reality", which participates in magnificent co-creation, and in their own way, the mountains themselves are alive because they interact and re-connect with all the universe including the imagination of the poet. In there own unique way, mountains are carriers and radiators of spirit and life. Because of this reality, we may avail ourselves to perceive the message of greatness and solemnity that do not stop sending their inspiration to the spirits that are aware. Those well represented by the indigenous, the mystics and the poets understand the language of nature and decipher the great discourse of the universe (see the the beautiful reflections of Daisaky Ikeda 1991, 35ss). Be reminded of insights of William Blake and so many others."

From "La Opción Tierra" by Leonardo Boff